This documented Policy expresses the absolute commitment of the Top Management of the company in the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System according to the requirements of ISO 14001.

This Environmental Policy is communicated to all the employees of the company as well as to all parties involved in the activities of the company such as suppliers, subcontractors, the customers of the company and the general public.

The actions taken by «VOULGARELIS TOOLING» as far as environmental management is concerned, aim to enhance the perception and increase the confidence of the customers, the authorities and the general public for the company.

The company is committed toi protect the environment, to continuously comply with the relevant national and European legislation and to continuously improve its environmental performance. In the course of product materialization the ultimate goal is to utilize the appropriate raw material, to effectively and efficiently utilize all the resources as well as of the energy. The waste generated are at quantities as reduced as possible and are handled in an environmentally friendly way and according to the relevant national and European legislation.

In order to achieve the above, the company has planned and implemented a documented environmental management system according to the requirements of ISO 14001. The total conformity with the requirements and provision of the management system is fully supported by the Top Management.

The Top Management assigns to the Management System Representative the responsibility to identify and proactively respond to any environmental issue, to propose the appropriate corrective and preventive actions and to monitor the effective and efficient implementation of these actions.

An important target set by the Top Management of the company is to promote the environmental awareness among its suppliers, subcontractors, associates and ensure that this Policy is respected.





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  1. Casting Plastic
  2. Pressure casting aluminum
  3. Casting pressure in zamak

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified
on making molds and producing
plastic articles




Because of our large programming and machining experience, we are often asked by our customers to manufacture prototypes of their products.

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